Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Young Algaeneers Symposium (YAS)?

The YAS is a symposium made BY and FOR young people working in the micro or macroalgae sectors, from both academia and industry. In addition to listening to our experts' talks, Young Algaeneers will also have the opportunity to present their work and, thanks to the Innovation Competition, their innovative ideas.

2. Who is a Young Algaeneer?

By young we mean people within the first 5 years in the algae domain. There is no age limit, only experience!

3. Can I still participate if I am not a Young Algaeneer?

If you are not a Young Algaeneer anymore, you can still participate, but preference will be given to the Young Algaeneers. Senior Algaeneers are encouraged to consider participating as mentors, but please get in touch with us for special requests, since we prioritise Young Algaeneers.

4. Is there any scholarship to participate in YAS?

There are 3 scholarships available for overseas students, i.e. outside of Europe (continent and islands). Scholarships will be awarded covering registration fees and hotel stay according to YAS affiliations.

5. Is accommodation included in the fee?

Accommodation is not included in the registration fee. The registration fee only includes the event (including coffee breaks, lunches and eventual transportation).

6. Do you suggest any accommodation? Do you have a promotion code for the accommodation?

We recommend that you stay at these different hotels. They are listed according to the lowest distance of the Venue.

  1. Naski Location (Ker Heol);
  2. Appart’City Conforn Vannes (Appartement Hotel);
  3. Logis Golfe Hotel;
  4. Hotel le Bretagne; 
  5. Hotel Anne de Bretagne deux etoiles; 
  6. Hotel Kyriad Vannes Centre-Ville;
  7. Best Western Plus Centre Vannes;
  8. Villa Kerasy Hotel & Spa.

7. Could you provide an invitation letter for Visa application?

Invitation letters for visa purposes should be requested at [email protected]

8. How is the refund procedure?

Refunds must be requested by email at [email protected] until 27th of April.

9. Is YAS2024 a hybrid event?

No, YAS2024 will happen only in-person.


10. Can you send me the abstract instruction and template for the poster?

The abstract instructions and template can be found here.

11. Can you send me the poster guidelines?

The poster guidelines can be found here. Feel free to get creative and design your poster your way, just stick to these basic rules.

12. Is it possible to print my poster at the event?

At your own arrangement :)

13. Is it possible for YAS participants to buy an extra dinner ticket for non-YAS participants?

If someone is accompanying you to the event, you can request a ticket for the social dinner in the registration form, maximum one.

14. Is there anything else I need to do after registration and abstract submission?

After registering, please make sure to pay the invoice as soon as possible to confirm your registration. Only paying participants will be considered. Submit your abstract/s by the deadline and get ready to join YAS :)  

15. How do I know if my participation is confirmed?

Upon reception of the payment your registration is confirmed via email. If you need a formal acceptance letter please request one at [email protected]

16. Is it possible to bring two posters for one registration?

No. Due to limited space and for equality in the voting process, only one poster per participant is allowed. 


17. How will we reach the local Algae companies?

On the visit days a bus will be organised for participants to reach the location, with no extra charge. We will provide you with the necessary details closer to the event.

18. How is YAS24 different from the previous editions?

This year's YAS edition will spotlight the seaweed sector more than previous ones, balancing the focus between microalgae and macroalgae topics. Also, instead of the usual working group sessions, we're introducing an innovation competition. This contest, held during the YAS, aims to ignite creativity, entrepreneurship, and scientific innovation. It's a unique chance for you to present your innovative business or scientific ideas in the microalgae or seaweed field. 

19. Is it compulsory to send an abstract or bring a poster?

No. YAS is first and foremost a networking event for Young Algaeneers. 

20. Do you have an oral presentation part for participants?

There are no standard oral presentations from the participants during YAS2024. However, this edition you have the opportunity to pitch your out-of-the box idea in the Innovation Competition. Go to our website and learn more!

21. Do we have working groups on YAS24?

No. We decided to not do working group sessions in this edition. If you are interested in discussing novel scientific or business ideas in the field of algae, get to know more about our Innovation Competition! 


22. How do I get to Vannes from Nantes airport? 

From the airport you can reach Nantes city center by bus and then take a train, bus or carpool to go to Vannes. Here are the websites where you can book:

The train ticket: https://www.sncf-connect.com/ 

The bus ticket: https://www.flixbus.fr/ 

Carpooling: https://www.blablacar.fr/ 

23. How do I get to Vannes from Paris airport ? 

You can book the ticket (train, bus, carpool) on the same websites as the question above.

24. How do I get to the venue (573 Rue André Lwoff, 56000 Vannes) from Vannes bus station?

When you are at Vannes train/bus station, you can go to the venue by bus (20-30 min).

Bus timetables and itineraries are updated in google maps, which is the easiest way to find the bus stop location and schedule.

And if you are a walking enthusiast it will take 40 min to reach YAS from the train station.

25. Will there be free WiFi at the venue?

Yes (eduroam network). 


26. Can I join the organising Team for the next YAS?

The organising team changes each year due to the incoming and outgoing of Young Algaeneers. You can be part of the organising team by expressing your interest to the current organisation team after the symposium by reaching us to: [email protected] 

27. How do I get a participation certificate?

If you have ticked the box during the registration process, you will receive a certificate after the event. If after 2 weeks you have not received it yet, please request one at [email protected].

28. How can I give feedback for the event? 

After the event we will provide a survey for you to evaluate YAS24. However, feel free to write us a suggestion to: [email protected]


1. Do I have to register for YAS and the Innovation Competition at the same time?

No, there is no problem in registering the Innovation Competition before or after YAS registration. Just don’t forget that the maximum deadline for submitting your idea for the innovation competition is 10.04.2024.

2. I have a research or business idea but don't have a team. Is it ok?

Yes. Teams for the innovation competition can include 1 to 5 members.

3. I’m not a young algaeneer but I have a research or business idea.

Team up with young algaeneers and work together on your project to come and pitch at YAS24! Just be aware that your team should always be composed of more young algaeneers than seniors.

4. Who is going to pitch the idea?

The presenters pitching the idea should be young algaeneers. We recommend one presenter per team, but a maximum of two presenters per team is acceptable.

5. I have a startup company already being incubated. Can I apply?

You can only apply if your company/startup doesn’t have any product or service already on the market.

6. Can the content of my poster be the same as in the Innovation Competition?

No. The concept of your idea for the innovation competition cannot be the same as the poster you submit.

7. I have concerns that others could copy my business idea, what measures will be taken to prevent this?

We do not guarantee the confidentiality of your idea. Instead, we encourage you to carefully consider the details you include in your submission or in your pitch presentation. 

8. Can I also participate with a purely scientific topic without a direct application connected to it?

Yes. We accept all kinds of scientific ideas related to the algae field.

9. What happens if I expect my team to become larger than 5 people by the time of the competition?

It is ok but, we will only consider the 5 members that you provided in the subscription form, both for communicating and for pitching.

10. Can I advertise my brand during the Innovation competition?

You should only advertise your idea related to the topic and focus of your scientific or business proposal. If your submission comes from an early startup it will be ok to advertise only during the pitch. We will not accept communication or advertising materials to be displayed or given to participants at any other moment of the conference.

11. Will I only be evaluated by experts relating to my field?

No, your work will be evaluated by experts from different research and industry backgrounds. 

12. For a scientific project: a peer-reviewed paper published on the topic would it be acceptable?

Yes, all innovative ideas are valid. However, your team needs to be composed of the authors of the paper.

13. How do I need to show business viability in numbers? Do calculations need to be provided?

It is always good to have numbers supporting your business idea but the way you show them and the level of detail is up to you. 

14. Do I need to submit a business plan?

No. We encourage you to submit extra documents that support the relevance of your idea  but it is not mandatory to submit a business plan. If you still want to do it, please send it only in the canvas format.

15. Do I need to report  on how the cash prize is used?

No, the way you use the cash prize is up to you.

16. What other benefits may I have from the competition even if I am not the winner?

Taking part in the YAS Innovation Competition gives you a fantastic opportunity to connect with other young professionals, leading figures in the industry, and experts, which can open up new paths for collaboration and help your career take off. Plus, by showcasing your idea, you’ll get some great exposure, possibly catching the attention of sponsors or investors, and you might find other participants who are excited to team up with you on your concept.

17. If I already have a prototype of my product/idea, can I bring it to the event and demonstrate it during my presentation?

Yes. You can use as many resources as you think are relevant to demonstrate or defend your idea.

18. Can I submit multiple ideas? Or can I submit one business and other scientific idea?

No, each person is limited to participating in only one team, which can be either scientific or business-focused.

Frequently Asked Questions