YAS 2016 “Algal gap” session

YAS 2016 Dinner

The 3rd edition of the Young Algaeneers Symposim was held in Qawra, Malta, from 23 to 25 April, 2016. Over 100 young algaeneers from more than 22 countries attended YAS 2016.

YAS 2016 introduced a new session called “Algal gaps” dedicated to discussion focusing on separate issues, like future of cultivation and novel applications of algal biotechnology. To break the ice and to provide a care-free platform for participants to get to know each other, a GPS Challenge of Valletta was arranged. Besides, this edition allowed young industrial representatives to participate with the aim of promoting and exchanging ideas between industrial and academic sectors.

This edition showed the importance of communication and the discussion in the algal gap sessions. It also highlighted how essential YAS is for connecting/meeting young alganeers and extending their professional networks.

A report on this edition was published after the event, which can be accessed here

Participants at YAS 2016 in Qawra, Malta